Here’s a chance to learn some of the basics we should all know and love:

Critical thinking – please, use this keyword search at any University or other accredited institution’s site and you should find a wide array of information and support to learn and use the most valuable tool we have as a species – our own cognizance.

Logic (and by extension logical fallacies) – this may be a broad and complex topic, but fallacies are well organized with titles and short descriptions here although it does not mention False Equivalence (at least not to my reading – but I could have missed it).

The Struggle – the struggle can be in reference to many things. Almost all are imbedded within the struggle for true equality in human and civil rights. There’s controversy on this term itself, but the concept needs a name, so that’s what it is. The plight of the poor and disadvantaged is real – it should never be trivialized or romanticized. Use critical thinking when researching this topic – it is rife with propaganda and uncited/unclear material on ALL sides. As such, I don’t have an article or post I’ve found that I’m willing to call a resource but here’s a link to an ongoing exhibit at the Smithsonian using the term in its name.
The Struggle for Justice

Wake to the Struggle for Human and Civil Rights (Get Woke, Stay Woke) – this article speaks to my understanding of what the phrase is intended to encompass. The spirit of this idea is what I was reared to believe. My deepest thanks go up to all of my freakishly liberal elders. This concept is woven throughout most of my works.

Flags of Convenience – this article is not a direct source for my writing, but does highlight some history and issues with this inherently deceptive practice.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – often misinterpreted, I have no doubt that in creating this the author never meant that all humans rigidly abide by each step and never waver or retreat. In actuality, this is a great tool to see what needs are more pressing in intensity for most people most of the time. Like power struggles, or grief cycles, people move through these steps or levels in all directions and patterns, driven largely by circumstances.

Coded Language – because when a mafioso looks at his right hand man and says “take care of him” no one thinks he means it’s time to take the guy out for an ice cream cone and a stroll on the boardwalk.
A great overview of the concept
A great overview of current usage

Ethics – what should be the basis of decision making, above and beyond momentary needs. Morality needs help in consistency and logical progression… ethics helps in this and other regards. Higher education institutions tend to have a pretty broad selection of information to help learn about this stuff.