Cultural Reference Guide

Cultural References abound in my writing…

“Man in the Mirror” – song by Michael Jackson

Get Woke. Stay Woke. – attributed to Erykah Badu.

  • Learn More: this article speaks to my understanding of what the phrase is intended to encompass.
  • The spirit of this idea is what I was reared to believe. My deepest thanks go up to all of my freakishly liberal elders.
  • This concept is woven throughout most of my works.

“Sometimes a cigar…” – attributed to Freud via Jung, but was never documented

Love the One You’re With” – song title from Crosby, Stills and Nash

Ch-ch-ch-changes” – in reference to song named “Changes” by David Bowie

God don’t want small potatoes” – line from Roger Waters’ song “What God Wants Part II”

Road to Nowhere” – song title from Talking Heads

You Can’t Handle the Truth” – line from “A Few Good Men”

Nevermore” – title from Edgar Allan Poe poem

“Tiger Mom” – widely used term in pop culture and this post outlines a long history

“…Two-Step” – the two-step is a couple’s dance performed at Pow Wows and there is also a Western dance move of the same name

“Alice’s Restaurant” – song by Arlo Guthrie discussed in this article

“Walking in two worlds” […kaleidoscope world] – concept used to describe living or participating in multiple multi-ethnic experiences. Generally the person retains knowledge of how each group operates and each group or experience remains separate while the person walking in two worlds balances by engaging in whichever behavior is appropriate to the situation at the time. This article adresses aspects of the term and its popular usage.