Here’s a page that highlights additional knowledge and tidbits about the writings on my blog.

Disclaimer: ALL words are relative, which means on this blog, concepts like “never” “always” or ideas stated in a manner-of-fact delivery are NOT meant as statements of absolute fact. I write opinion. I am biased. I am allowed to be wrong, different or inflammatory. This blog is not intended to be solely accurate or educational – it’s intended to be a starting point for which you to continue your journey in personal development as well as encourage better understanding of the dynamics in shared experiences. And it’s meant to be a cathartic release for me in my dealings with the universe.

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More to come:

Cultural Reference Guide

Many of my titles or writings are inspired by or make references to media or cultural concepts I hold dear; I’d love for you all recognize those references and their impact on my writing.

Thematic Accompaniment (like wine pairings but for my articles)

I’d like to add music or pictures etc. to go along with my writings to help set the tone or theme.


Mark Twain wrote massive Appendices detailing entire story arcs and side plots, intended to accompany the existing writing without disturbing it. I hope to do the same, but it is a lofty goal. Here’s hoping it will illuminate my writing with further background while eliminating the distracting nature of stopping mid-writing to explain the context.

Research Sources – Reference Citation

Largely I make broad or personally meaningful assertions – but when references are needed I should be providing them. I’ll do my best to keep up but please don’t hesitate to make me aware of any failures to mention the work others have done, as any work published here is intended to be my own or referenced from fairly cited sources.


Here are links to sources of information to help you educate yourself on the topics in my posts as well as social justice issues as a whole.


Sometimes it may not be referencing a quote or well-known part of culture, yet my reference has an origin worth mentioning.