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Blog News: Tidbits about the latest and greatest here @theinnocentbroad

1/12/18: New Year new goals… music is growing in my life, and I hope this blog won’t diminish too much, but it may suffer for my other art. I’ve posted the first for this year, and it’s one I’ve worked on for a bit. Hope

11/10/17: It’s been a while since I wrote any news! I’ve settled into a 7-10 day posting cycle, and I’m very proud of that because I typically have no staying power with my personal interests or hobbies – to have maintained this pace without waning is rare indeed! With that said, the holidays do take a lot of work to make merry, so I may lag here and there until the new year – your patience is deeply appreciated, and I wish you a warm and happy season!

5/26/17: *I feel so honored!! Thanks to you all, I have 10 blog followers!* I can’t tell you enough how great it feels to know some folks out there find something in my writing that appeals.

Can’t believe how many drafts I have saved unfinished right now. Normally I get an idea and pound it out right away, and it’s published shortly thereafter. Little fragments have been floating around lately, and I’ve done my best to contain them all in some sort of notes system.

Songs are pouring out fast now, but still just lyrics at the moment. Hope this weekend to get some sounds with them, looking forward to songwriting and a capella workshops at my local festival!

5/14/17: Re-worked a poem into my first set of lyrics guys, can’t wait to get it hammered out to music and sung!!

4/13/17: 100 Posts published for public view! I guess you all have earned a little more info about me – will do as soon as life allows!

3/13/17: As always, if I make a declaration I will probably end up unable to fulfill it in some way. I’ll clean things up eventually in terms of links and resources, but a new post is in the works and yet I’ve got a squeeze on time these days… no promises anymore, just figure I’ll get on and do stuff like always – there is never a shortage of work when I don’t promise specifics, so I’m just going to stick with that.

3/6/17: I’ve pumped out a bunch of posts in the last 6 weeks, and most have been great for me to get out there. The last few posts have felt a little rushed and unrefined, but I didn’t have much more to flesh them out or thin them down with.

Nothing is driving the pace but me, so I’m going to let up the pressure because I want to focus on quality and wrangling the Resources section into submission. I’ve been adding more content to those pages progressively but please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like to see Resources for any post that I haven’t marked up yet – it may very well be there’s plenty to say or do for a post that just hasn’t been refined quite yet.

Same goes for links, I’m cleaning those up but it’s always helpful to have one’s attention drawn to those that need it.

Feb ’17: Often, the thesis is at the end of the writing – as I like to say “let’s wait for it to come around on the guitar”, which is a reference to the infamous song “Alice’s Restaurant“.

Jan ’17: This blog has grown greatly in the past year. It now contains poetry, encouragement, and social commentary.

The new section titled Resources highlights extra information to help add context to the writings, or otherwise supplement them.

Maybe I’ll write some things about myself here in the future… but for now I’ll let the writing speak for me.