Lecture Circuit

I wish I could go on the lecture circuit speaking my truths to avid listeners. I want to have a podium, an audience, I don’t need a microphone but a master of ceremonies to introduce me wouldn’t be bad. I’d still introduce myself in the traditional way, which would easily take 10 min to name all my ties and lineage, to give honor to those who came before.

The ancestors knew how to lecture. They commanded your attention, held it in suspense and delivered epic, earth shattering lectures that changed the face of humanity as we know it. My grandmother has made a room of hundreds of people hold their breath, thinking about how they connect with the world, and reconsider every action they’ve ever taken or will take.

I wish I could wrestle horse’s heads down and make them drink the water they need, then make them stop when they’ve had too much. I wish I could force people to admit and change when they have been engaging in unhealthy, unethical or otherwise destructive behavior. I wish I could demand that they hold up their end of the social contract by supporting those around them and reducing their burden on others.

I wish I could put the grandmas in charge. Everyone would be happy because they’d be well rested and well fed, they’d be respected or the perpetrator would be lectured into regret and we would all take our turns first come first served, and we’d all feel good because it’s not about winning, it’s about having some fun!

Happy Birthday to me, may I get to see World Peace in my lifetime, or the closest yet.