I never would have said it

It’s genuinely not that bad, and it’s better than a lot of history…


from higher consumer protections than ever before,

to children no longer being physically punished in school or sent to factories to work,

from wives no longer needing their husband’s permission and presence to make a purchase beyond groceries,

to the first black president in the US,

from gay marriage,

to the minimum wage,

from national parks being created,

to ceasing hand-feeding the animals there,

from stopping dumping in the great Salt Lake,

to recycling programs around the world,

from small, isolated social programs blossoming into thousands strong in a growing international community,

to the freedom for performers to show us art from their hearts instead of that coerced or controlled by management,

from more freedom of personal speech,

to independent journalism,

from disability accommodation,

to entertaining the concept that gender can be outside of a binary construction,

from enforcing regulation,

to Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

from leaving whale oil as a fuel source,

to scalable, sustainable energy sourcing,

from the labor movement,

to food handling procedures,

from airbags,

to seatbelt laws,

from mental health gaining respect,

to medical professionals taking people seriously when they feel pain,

from better access to education, and better education at that,

to art programs actually backed with enough funding,

from the rise of the nerd,

to sports staying alive in the age of media,

from changing minds,

to changing hearts…

there’s no need to spend precious time picking everything apart saying it’s not good enough. once upon a time this was all just someone’s dream. how dare we spit on that by denigrating it as insufficient, instead of holding it up high for praise as the real progress and change it represents? no one said we had reached the end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what we have in the moment. let us show gratitude for the fortitude of those before us, and strive to do as well by the future as the past has done by us – and learn from those parts we need to take lessons from.


it’s not perfect. but it’s not worse, and it’s getting better all the time – let’s celebrate what we can while we keep going toward where we want to be.







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