Remind Me

Technically I don’t need anyone around. But it sure is nice to have friends. When I offer or invite I’m looking to bond, and hope to see the sentiment returned. If the invitation has been made, it’s up to us to decide how important it is in our life. I’m not the least concerned about where I lie on your priority list (as long as I’ve made it on there, we’ll call ourselves friends).

When I reach out I’m hoping you’ll join me on a leg of my journey. I know it’s mine to make, and you can’t make it for me. And you’ve got your own journey, I certainly know that too. It’s why I don’t mind when yours takes you on a jaunt headed away from me. I know it’s just for now, and that you’ll change direction in life more than not.

Of course we’re all busy. It’s the adult version of “the dog ate my homework”… and that’s ok, no really – I mean that. We can’t all go everywhere being all people to all things, and whoever expects that is the fool. We must each know our limits, and take care of ourselves as we can. Throughout our lives we see time roll by, catch some and miss other opportunities.

“Remind me” is your way of putting this on the back burner, to simmer the night away. Reduced to its purest elements, the soup gets spicier as it slowly condenses.


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