Dream upstream

It turns out to be harder than it may seem just to stick to who you are and what you dream.

I was ridiculously lucky to be born and raised in a time and place that encouraged me to be who I am, who I actually am, not some sham just for the sake of appearances.

Even with all that encouragement it was easy to hear only discouragement, especially in relation to others.

But it took me so long to discover that I had been selling myself short for nothing.

It takes real courage to look at a neat package, and strip away all the trappings to get to the heart of the matter, and still harder to question or change it.

We’d rather absorb or deflect or protect than engage in a way that takes risks for what it’s worth.

And it is immensely tiring and strenuous at best, giving up is so much easier than putting up with the rest.

I had thought that there might be some glorious transition screen, a nice montage scene or at least there would be a sign to be seen.

It’s really just us holding us here, no one better between us and failure or success, two things that live in the space between reality and the eye of the beholder, somehow immune to either or both, they occupy in the mind that path between constraint and possibility.

Stop swimming in a sea of regret, self doubt and self pity. Stop waiting for encouragement or fighting discouragement and stand strong in your own convictions. Continue to grow and learn as you go, but don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s ok to be here.

When you’ve swum around the ocean enough, it’s time to head up the river. Instead of going with the flow, some of us know, you gotta swim upstream to get home.



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