To those who say I don’t have to clean up all the time

I don’t want to get in a big car, idle in line at the drive-thru just to stuff my face and litter the trash afterward. I don’t want to leave the roll of empty toilet paper behind, or a wet, messy counter for the next person. I don’t need to be the first to order my dinner, like I don’t need to take the last Oreo. I don’t need to talk about myself the whole time either, I’d like to hear about you too. I don’t want to be as lazy and self-serving as you are, disregarding all those folks around me.

When I say you’re not doing enough, I’m not jealous of how you are.

I don’t envy your ill gotten gains, or the attitude you use to back it up.

I don’t want to do less, phone it in, or half-ass it. I don’t want to let shit just fall by the wayside.

I don’t want to give up, give in, do what i want, over the needs of others or the universe in general.

I don’t want to see that stupid look on your face as you tell me one more time how I could fuck over the people around me.

You really think I don’t know that I could be just as self-centered and childish as the rest of you? Of course I could decide not to hold myself responsible, and by extension the people I criticize. You’re right that I hold you to some pretty high standards, and yet you’re entirely capable. You too could ask more of yourself and those around you, instead of sitting back, waiting to be taken care of. But at the moment, you’re too busy insisting on experiencing unending, immeasurable pleasure.

Pleasure is great and I love to feel it, but that’s not the end of any story. As much as we could all lie on our backs engaging in emotional masturbation, there’s more to life than receiving an item, or even a wonderful experience.

The great feeling of a job well done, and knowing you did the right thing should be a great reward. I’m amazed at the number of people today that feel everyone else needs to pay to see good behavior. Treating other people with a modicum of respect (enough not to inconvenience them) is not as painful as  people make it out to be. And the attitude that it’s a burden to be reasonably kind is disturbing to say the least. If it’s really so hard to be nice to other people, then at least find a way to avoid leaving your messes for them to wade through.

You’re absolutely right, I don’t have to clean up your messes, yet I do because I don’t want to live in filth. Filling up the space around you with discarded and “forgotten” detritus is affecting other people. Stop acting like your actions never have any consequences, because your opinion doesn’t change the fact that repercussions are real. Wether it’s actual trash, emotional baggage or leaving the work to someone else, you’re levying hardship on other people and you are personally responsible, regardless of whether or not you acknowledge it.





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