100 doesn’t mean anything

Numbers gain personality and people have preferences, but really they’re all the same. Our desire for “round” numbers is entirely emotional in nature. Counting by groups is easier for our minds than using offset values.

For the purposes of counting alone, forcing things into manageable groups makes more than plenty of sense. But when we’re talking about a totality of a body of work, or a system of interrelated pieces, it isn’t particularly necessary.

Benchmarks and goal achievement may have assigned values, but those marks are relatively arbitrary. They’ve been put in place to demarkate what would otherwise be ethereal.

I have like 4 drafts of posts I could finish, but I wanted this one to be special.

That said, the truth is that what’s special is the 99 posts that came before this, and anything I write now would pale in comparison.

It’s silly of me to think or feel like I need to one-up myself at this juncture.

The accomplishment’s been made, #100 is icing on the cake, or, it’s just gravy if you call ’em like I do.


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