infinite possibilities

Like many movies, shows, and stories talk about, there are an infinite number of possibilities in the Universe.

For the mundane, routine, normal things, life can be quite predictable. Typically we can rely on certain outcomes based on the opening or set-up.

For most of us, our expectations and plans are limited in scope. But for anything beyond the basics, we quickly see the possibilities unfold.

Reality is made up of infinite instances of individual moments that gather into the totality of existence.

Branching out like tree limbs and leaves, water ways and veins, possibilities bloom endlessly and wither forever as time crawls on ad infinitum.

Choices in the seas of experience cause eddies and ripples, proof of their existence in an otherwise mercurial environment.

Every look and phrase, every longing gaze has its own special Universe.

Reality divides in an ever wider ride along the various forking roads of entropy.

Descent into chaos is seen as scary, yet could be the best part of inevitability.

Natural order is a fallacy that pins hopes on imaginary structuring when the reality is that there is no grand plan.

Truly free will and unfettered existence terrify average men and women.


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