we do try

We try diet after diet, from raw only to no carbs, vegetarian to just liquids; we’ve tried them all. We’ve tried a cleanse, a detox and a fast for every day of the week, and every week of the year. We look for new juices, supplements and vitamins. We exercise for hours, and drink gallons of water. We try cardio, weights, circuits and obstacle courses. We’ve taken classes for everything from spinning to yoga and back again, and our gym membership never expires. We’ve gone running, walking, jogging, biking, played sports and danced our butts off.

We don’t eat late at night, we don’t eat refined sugar, we stopped drinking alcohol and just have black coffee. We drink two glasses of water before eating a meal, chew our tiny bites slowly, and count all our calories. We weigh our food, boil it or bake it with no oil, and long ago left cheese behind. We’re the one in the restaurant with diet coke and asking for all the toppings on the side. We eat at our desks, avoiding any gazes to ward off judgment, even when it’s a salad. Appetizers are a thing of the past, just like midnight snacking. We record, track, journal, discuss and analyze everything.

The weight I might try to lose today wasn’t gained yesterday. It’s from a lifetime of thinking about other things, and this issue being a low priority.

[Edited to remove snarky last line, replaced with slightly less but still snarky last line]- But in seriousness, why shouldn’t I be the one to publicly deride you for wasting time and energy on appearances while people are dying all over this world from a lack of the resources you so readily take for granted?



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