Chopped Liver

I have been there for countless people.

I gave them a place to crash, held their hair back while they threw up and counseled them through breakups.
I listened to people’s problems, cooked them food and enlightened them.
I was there for people who used me and never paid me back a thing.
I got them jobs and saved their asses when they really really needed it.
I have taught people the answers, helped them find answers for themselves, and waited for them to figure it out.
I have patted backs, held hands, wiped butts and tears and everything in between.
I have been wise and patient and forgiving for years and years.
I have been the supporting actress to would-be stars in the gutter.
I have been the audience in everyone else’s show, I’ve shown up to their gigs and performances.
I have played second fiddle, back up singer and side kick for many.
I worked my ass off following every rule and doing the right thing.
I have been honest, straightforward and forthcoming.
I have thrown out a “yeah man” and “right on” when you’re up on your soapbox.
I give people play in the conversation until I’m bored with it, and still I listen.
I have spent hours and days, and longer, of my lifetime in transit going to get or do something for someone else.
I have dispensed advice when asked that was never followed, or certainly not heeded from what I can see.
I have rescued and treated and nursed many an injury.

I have waited for my turn endlessly.

I have catapulted more people into success, wealth, and health than I can remember.

And it’s me they look at like I never started.


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