Who me? Elite?

Liberals or the left wing (using them interchangeably in this post-apologies if you are bothered) have come to act as though we somehow own intellectualism, or elitism for that matter. It is absurd to behave as though one must be educated to be liberal, considering liberalism’s basic tenets. It is confusing to me that intellectual lefties could even have trouble recognizing that fact. Liberalism calls for social services and support for the uneducated. Liberalism calls for inclusivity, shared responsibility and mutual respect regardless of background, or at least that’s how I have always known it.

Somewhere along the way, conservativism became associated with a lack of education too, which is just as absurd.

The uneducated and disenfranchised proletariat should be squarely in line with left-wing ideology, but that population has been simultaneously courted by the right-wing and shunned by the left. It has been turned from its own interests to self destruction through emotional manipulation. It is not just unfortunate” as this is not a case of fortune frowning on these proceedings alone, but rather it is unconscionable that the left has essentially turned its back on the very members it claims to protect, leaving them to the devices of the predatory right-wing.

When intellectuals dominate the left-wing culture and punish the uneducated for their lack of knowledge, they should expect those people to run to the right, where they are validated and reassured that they don’t need it and that education is for elitists. Intellectuals are behaving elitist more these days – have become completely insufferable, derisive and judgmental. With know-it-all attitude and superiority, intellectuals are making the left-wing not just inhospitable, but downright deplorable.

If left wing intellectuals want more people to get educated and become liberal, they’re going to have to find a way to actually allow other people to learn about new things without chastising them for not having already known everything, or for believing something that they were told by a source they trust. Intellectuals cannot expect rave reviews for angrily demanding that others suddenly and completely agree with them, wether or not they are right by any means.

If the goal is to push people on the fence as far away as possible, well done intellectual lefties. You’ve ensured that anyone who might be unsure decidedly falls on the right side of the fence. If you want them to climb over, you’re going to have to make it a whole lot more enticing than you are now, and if you don’t want them to come over and play, then stop spending your time trying to convince them. Attacking, antagonizing, patronizing and instigating will never win over hearts and minds – and is not an attempt to convince them; it’s all overt punishment.

It is despicable, unethical, and a waste of resources to punish the uneducated for not having achieved education yet, and it will never get their votes either.


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