Be(Come) the good ones

We all know the good ones when we see them. We know them, often thank them, and are generally grateful for them. They’re the truly special ones that seem to somehow help this world a whole lot more than the rest of us. We know they work harder, sacrifice more, and put up with more issues than the rest of us do by far. They are the kind that make the rest of us feel almost inadequate in comparison to the sheer volume they can handle by themselves.


We have seen too many good ones pass on before their time.

We have seen too many good ones give up and let go of trying.

We have seen too many good ones never start for fear of losing something or everything.

We have seen too many good ones leave the most important things to those who seek only to serve their own interests.


I’ve seen how tired the good ones are because we have not been coming with them. We have forgotten that the good ones need to feel not just the love and support but the participation of those they serve – their fellows in service.


It is time for us to become the good ones, and encourage the good ones to step up with us again. If we continue to leave the long, hard work, authority, management or control to those who seek it, we always be rewarded with those  in power whose ambition is not rooted in compassion, but in self serving.


It is time for us to become

good HR representatives – hire and fire fairly

good cops – follow procedures and de-escalate to work toward resolution

good bosses – review, reward and remonstrate respectfully

good teachers – de-escalate, model respect, and be inclusive

good lawyers and judges – ethics are vital to the purpose of law

good neighbors – offer help without intruding, build community engagement

good family – be supportive and compassionate of things you disagree with

good parents – provide positive and meaningful interactions and experiences, minimize judgment and control, encourage differences from your own teachings, expose offspring to varying points of view, model patience and flexibility

good people – be one of the good ones – cultivate relationships, assist others when you can, know your limits, take care of yourself, encourage and support others by participating in their events and activites, volunteer, organize, coordinate, advocate


Let’s stand up and be the ones that  are good.

There aren’t enough good ones in the world but there could be.

We could populate this world with people who realize that it feels good to be a part of something together that makes things better for everyone.




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