The strength of water is in fluidity and polarity

I have never wanted to retreat before. I never needed to back down.

I don’t understand what this feeling is, or where it comes from.

I have always wanted to work things out, despite the difficulties. I seek resolution and closure, so leaving doesn’t help me much.

Somehow I have come around to the idea that not everything can be dealt with, because not everyone is ready to deal, and no amount of my  desire can change that.

I want to force people to admit that they made a decision and the consequence is before them, but I need to let the consequence speak for itself.

I find though, that some consequences extend to me, and when it affects me in a bad way, the consequence is my emotional reaction to feeling violated or disrespected. Of course I’m not going to deliver that well. I suck at delivery anyway, but especially when I feel hurt…






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