Choose helping others

You and I and everyone put together are more than enough to save this world. We could end the ravages of violence and greed.

You have what it takes and your potential is limitless.

We could save the world together.

Nobody sees that I’m pissed because you’re wasting your talents.

But you’re too busy pleasing yourself and refusing good knowledge in favor of learning without help.

You’re too busy feeling feelings, then discussing those feelings, and thinking thoughts about feelings.

You’re busy saying day after day, ” I can’t think about that right now”.

I’ve known some folks that for countless years have put off even the thought, let alone mention of meaningful work in this world.

How can you feel gratitude and happiness and enjoyment without extending even a modicum of effort toward helping others?

How can you express concern, pity, or dismay at the station of others in life as you continue to enjoy your own? How can uttering any comment on the subject not bring you to want to take immediate action to rectify the inequities of this life?

How can you be so arrogant as to have so much freedom, talent, and energy, yet waste it on forever pleasing a small few individuals out of the billions in this world?

We could save everyone if we wanted to.

We could make this world what it should be.

What our children think it is.

What we all know is right and good.

Every day you choose not to help those in desperate need. Unless it’s a day where you choose to stand up and do something tangible for good in this world. Come with me, let’s do it together. It’s not too much if we all join hands.




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