c’mon, i’m a fun-gi!

I’m a mushroom.

Alone and unmolested I flourish in darkness and shit.

But it’s ok, because I take from that place what goodness is there and I store it up, growing up, for later.

When it’s time for a dose of me watch yourself because I make you sick.

But your mind starts to swirl, your eyes can’t sit still, and your body is buzzing with life.

I break open your heart and mind to see truth so raw and bare you cry big buckets of tears as you laugh and cry again.

You never knew and now you do and you realize this whole time how little and big you have always been

in the same breath

Your ride with me will leave you never the same

broken down hollow and tame

You awake with fragments of me fluttering down

wispy tattered rags in the breeze of the wind tunnel inside you

Forever more than you were before, you gingerly walk like a cat on glass

testing your sanity for cracks

It’s too late

now you know there is no line in the sand but what we draw to be blown away when the mood strikes the wind

You see that there never was much of a line anyway

between you and me, sane and crazy




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