Choose helping others

You and I and everyone put together are more than enough to save this world. We could end the ravages of violence and greed.

You have what it takes and your potential is limitless.

We could save the world together.

Nobody sees that I’m pissed because you’re wasting your talents.

But you’re too busy pleasing yourself and refusing good knowledge in favor of learning without help.

You’re too busy feeling feelings, then discussing those feelings, and thinking thoughts about feelings.

You’re busy saying day after day, ” I can’t think about that right now”.

I’ve known some folks that for countless years have put off even the thought, let alone mention of meaningful work in this world.

How can you feel gratitude and happiness and enjoyment without extending even a modicum of effort toward helping others?

How can you express concern, pity, or dismay at the station of others in life as you continue to enjoy your own? How can uttering any comment on the subject not bring you to want to take immediate action to rectify the inequities of this life?

How can you be so arrogant as to have so much freedom, talent, and energy, yet waste it on forever pleasing a small few individuals out of the billions in this world?

We could save everyone if we wanted to.

We could make this world what it should be.

What our children think it is.

What we all know is right and good.

Every day you choose not to help those in desperate need. Unless it’s a day where you choose to stand up and do something tangible for good in this world. Come with me, let’s do it together. It’s not too much if we all join hands.




Save each other

I can’t do it alone, but I was told we could do it together.

I know that we can if we just find a way to put aside our petty days.


We all want pleasure, rest and safety.

But so do all those out there suffering.


It may not be our job to save everyone, but if we saved ourselves then we wouldn’t have anyone needing saving.

Since we’re not saving ourselves, let’s save each other, and by extension, everyone.

Wandering words

I have always been happy alone. 

I would think my thoughts and arrange things just so.

Read my books and took long baths… Wandered in the woods.

I have made countless crafts halfway, but finished quite a few.

Lost track of time along the way.

My solitude has never been a burden I couldn’t bear.

In fact, I miss it so right now…
When I have been alone, I come back refreshed. 

When I have had time to reflect, and consider my decisions, they generally are the better for it.

When I can bring something back it’s somehow easier.

When we have had time to miss each other the meeting’s all the sweeter.
I love you so, day and night… but there’s more to it than that.

I need to be me without influence to remember who I am.

I love you so much, I can’t help but try to please you and then me and then suddenly, nobody.

It’s just all too much when exchange is so fast. 

I can’t seem to keep up and I trip on ground that should be flat.
More time and I could measure my response.

Just a little more leeway in the interplay would go a long way in reducing dismay.

I’m sorry my body overreacts like my sinuses do with flowers and cats.

I can’t help that part but my intellect knows, that it’s just like having a runny nose.
I wish I could reassure you more but I’m not very good at that.

Can’t you see, it’s just me, a flawed human being.

What I’m Not

I was not put on this earth to constantly validate or reassure you.

I am not a supporting character in the story of your life.

I am not a backup for when you run out of friends you admire and appreciate.

I am not the one you rely on for your struggles if I can’t rely on you in mine (at least once in a while!).

I am not who you think I am.

I am not here to pad your numbers.

I was not put here to make you look better by comparison.

I am not the audience in your show.

I am not here to receive what you issue.

I am not your scapegoat, excuse or pawn.

I am not your yes-man, back-up singer, or brown-noser.

I am not ancillary, secondary, or inferior in any way.

I am not your parent, guardian, or keeper.

I am not yours.

c’mon, i’m a fun-gi!

I’m a mushroom.

Alone and unmolested I flourish in darkness and shit.

But it’s ok, because I take from that place what goodness is there and I store it up, growing up, for later.

When it’s time for a dose of me watch yourself because I make you sick.

But your mind starts to swirl, your eyes can’t sit still, and your body is buzzing with life.

I break open your heart and mind to see truth so raw and bare you cry big buckets of tears as you laugh and cry again.

You never knew and now you do and you realize this whole time how little and big you have always been

in the same breath

Your ride with me will leave you never the same

broken down hollow and tame

You awake with fragments of me fluttering down

wispy tattered rags in the breeze of the wind tunnel inside you

Forever more than you were before, you gingerly walk like a cat on glass

testing your sanity for cracks

It’s too late

now you know there is no line in the sand but what we draw to be blown away when the mood strikes the wind

You see that there never was much of a line anyway

between you and me, sane and crazy



3 me’s

I wish I could get away from I.

I go on about I and

I see how I be in this great mystery

as if I could be the eye in this storm.

who am I? to leave this unwritten, unspoken, unsaid?

how can i I stand up high and take up all this space with my I and my me and my my?

this space once mine, all mine, becomes some empty vacuum.

sucking the me with it, away

sometimes I think that humanity’s self absorption is so strong, it should have caused a black hole by now.

can’t hear

Because you see, and what you see you believe

more than all the words, all the explanations, all the reasons and justifications.

I get that you think that those are all just hot air.

but those things are the meaning, the basis of my dreams.

I never take a step without knowing its right,

and I cant make a decision without boiling it down.

This paragraph is no exception.