let your love shine bright

If you’re so woke, so progressive, so enlightened, so transcendent…
then you would know what it’s like
(to be asleep)

you would know how long the tunnel is before the light
you would feel the pain that holds them back and down and out
you would cuddle them with all the love there is to have

they have already felt enough rage, enough sorrow, of their own and from above
they have already paid time and again for privileges they never gained
they are us before we were us, before we knew we were not alone

before you knew you didn’t know and when you didn’t know you couldn’t grow

your woke-ness, enlightenment, transcendence, is (in itself) a privilege
it is yours to know and keep and grow, yours to share or hide and glare

don’t hoard it and keep it at your side
let your love shine bright and when they wake they will thank

you and our lucky stars are all we have
to hope for a better life

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