It’s ok, you don’t owe me either!

Whether it’s because I stubbed my toe, got a note from my kid’s teacher or got a huge dump of extra work that isn’t even mine, whether it’s a family member that passed away, a huge cost to fix something that unexpectedly happened, I’m on my period or a bird crapped on my backpack, sometimes life sucks. Maybe I have an itch I can’t reach and I’m running for the bus and I’m broke. Maybe I have a splitting headache, or maybe I simply don’t like your face.

The thing is, knowing any or all of those things about me may ease your mind as to why I’m in a bad mood, but that frankly does not matter. I still don’t owe you any damn explanations or happiness, especially because those things are hard enough to deal with. I don’t have time to bring you up to speed. No, I don’t need to include every – let alone any – body in my various trials and tribulations. Someday, they’ll be a story, or a blog post, and then, you can find out all about it.


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