Didn’t mean anything by it

Using qualifiers like







Sets up a clear picture of this action flying in the face of convention, and judges the action to be outside of morals, standards, expectations, norms or patterns.

By definition it excludes the action from legitimacy and assigns guilt as a given.

Accusing a lack of remorse is used as a tactic to further condemn a supposed wrongdoer.

It ensures continued emotional distance between the action and the audience, and denotes a marked separation that keeps people from identifying with the action or person acting, making the scenario seem different, other, outside, or unusual.


Being who I am because I can be no other is not an act of defiance.
Shouldering the burdens of adversity and systemic disadvantage is not subversive.
Using those terms makes doing what is right look wrong, and by extension paints our world as inherently and unavoidably unjust.
It normalizes injustice and marginalizes truth.


Perpetuating judgement and shame culture is weak, cowardly, and malignant.


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