“I work in back, I see no smiles”

I don’t put much stock in smiles. I find that they are rarely a sign of contentment, appreciation or even warm feelings.

Many of the worst atrocities committed on this earth where done by a smiling person.

People smile and say something is a joke, socially forcing others to smile with them or be caught in a trap designed to make them the butt of the joke or entirely excluded from the situation.

Smiles typically mask fear, and show the desperate nature of insecurity rearing its ugly head.

Smiling is often used to patronize people and make them feel inferior.

When someone has a smile on their face I often wonder if they’ve gotten away with something they know is wrong.

Asking for a smile is often a tactic to control a situation or a person, especially women.

Smiles often accompany ass kissing and other forms of social grooming. These smiles are often disengenuous, and always calculated to improve the smiler’s situation-it’s using a human connection with the expression to garner favor and secure their own position.

Smiling and laughing are used less to express and more to shape the social landscape than most folks are willing to admit.

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