Now I understand…

Now I understand why people

hurt themselves
drum up drama in their circles
act out in public
act superior
kill themselves
hurt others to make themselves feel better
all say they hate people, to other people
flock to the safety of anonymity
“ghost” other people
like fads and fashions
all want to be leaders but hate responsiblity
thank god for successes but not failures
act childish when they’re not children anymore
act adult when they’re not yet grown
lash out, act out, push, rage, cry and scream
change their minds
lecture each other
write poetry
stay out all night
play hooky
give up
branch out
move away and start over
say they want to “help people”, until it gets real
get in over their heads
get married after knowing each other less than 2 months
divorce after 35 years of marriage
have kids, don’t have kids, hated kids but now have them, have them and hate them
talk so brightly of dreams and plans
hate change, love change, can’t change, want to change, are changeing, will change…


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