Exhausted Goodwill

People say love is unconditional, and many believe they would be willing to do anything for those they love. Most folks would agree that unconditional is genuine and unfettered (per its definition). Most of us believe that our love is not based on others doing for us, but on a deep human connection.

People may say that they don’t require another to do for them in order to love, but that is typically a limited time offer. Relationships are based on reciprocity and there comes an emotional tipping point, past which the lover loves less until the lovee does for the lover. This is especially true when the relationship is platonic.

At some point, people decide that they don’t think a relationship is worth their efforts.

It’s too bad no one is willing to specifically elucidate exactly what it is that they require to maintain a relationship, or repair one that is damaged. Instead, they insist on maintaining an ethereal ruleset that they expect (nay, demand) the other party discover without offending the elusive party by stating any definitive information.


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